Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Quick access to my Wishlist? What is the "Reserve" button of wish list for?

How to get to our wishlist rapidly ?

Please directly go this url

This linkage can also be found on "service" pages:

Is there ANY WAY to get to this page through the Site itself INSTEAD of going to the Special page? NOT Just for me but for other People as Well?

You may type your email or name on wishlist page, then get access to your personal wishlist. or

On the earch result page, list your name, click it, you would swtich to the direct page of your wishlist, copy the url on the browser, it's your wishlist's direct url, you may give it to your friend.

What is the "Reserve" button of wish list for?

The 'Reserve button' marks the item as Reserved by a shopper. It lets other shoppers know that someone is planning on purchasing the item and they should consider other items on the list.
When an item is reserved, it does not prevent someone else from buying it.
The purpose of the wish list “reserve” functionality is to provide a way for wish list viewers to let others wish list viewers know of their intention to purchase a wish list item. If their intention changes, they are able to unreserve the item.