Monday, March 30, 2009

[Newly Updated] Accessaries- Hair band, Wristlet, Purses, Shoes, Stockings, Bags

Lolita Hairdress, Hair Band, Black, White*2colors Instant Shipping SKU: P00522

Lolita Pearls Goldern Cross Crown Bracelet SKU: AD00082

Cutie Lolita Flowers Hair Band/Wrislet
SKU: AD00095

Casual Lolita Piano Key Purse SKU: P00214

Cutie Lolita Heart Purse*5 Colors Instant Shipping SKU: P00215

Gothic Punk Piano Keys Suspenders*Instant Shipping
SKU: P00211

Cutie Lolita Polka Dot Purse*5 Colors*Instant Shipping
SKU: P00212

Below Knee Polka Dot Stockings*4 Colors Instant Shipping SKU: P00213

Cute GAL High-heeled Sandals*2colors Instant Shipping SKU: P00147

Circus Lolita Punk Magic Cube Bag*Instant Shipping SKU: P00210

Casual Lolita Soft Sole Shoes*2colors Instant Shipping SKU: P00146

Cute Mouse Head Flower Sandal*2 Colors*Instant Shipping
SKU: P00145

[Newly Updated] Dress, Skirts, Jacket

JSK/dress DR00091

blouse TP00077skirt SP00079

dress DR00093

JSK/dress DR00092

dress DR00086

dress DR00088S

skirt SP00084

dress DR00095

jacket CT00089

DR00088skirt SP00068

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

[UPDATED] Under-Knees Thick Stockings

Gothic Lolita Under-Knees Thick Stockings*Blue SKU: P00200

Gothic Lolita Under-Knees Thick Stockings*White SKU: P00201
Gothic Lolita Under-Knees Thick Stockings*Pink SKU: P00199

Gothic Lolita Under-Knees Thick Stockings*Deep Brown SKU: P00198

Gothic Lolita Under-Knees Thick Stockings*Deep Purple
SKU: P00196

Gothic Lolita Under-Knees Thick Stockings*Dark Green
SKU: P00197

Gothic Lolita Under-Knees Thick Stockings*Grey
SKU: P00195

Gothic Lolita Under-Knees Thick Stockings*Black
SKU: P00194

[UPDATED ] Under-Knees Thick Stockings*Stripes

Gothic Lolita Under-Knees Thick Stockings*Black&Grey Stripes SKU: P00207

Gothic Lolita Under-Knees Thick Stockings*Black&Green Stripes SKU: P00208
Gothic Lolita Under-Knees Thick Stockings*Black&White Stripes SKU: P00206

Gothic Lolita Under-Knees Thick Stockings*Black&Deep Purple Stripes
SKU: P00205
Gothic Lolita Under-Knees Thick Stockings*Black&Light Purple Stripes SKU: P00204

Gothic Lolita Under-Knees Thick Stockings*Black&Red Stripes SKU: P00203

Gothic Lolita Under-Knees Thick Stockings*Yellow&Black Stripes
SKU: P00202

[UPDATED] New Arrival Accessaries--Choker, Necklace, Belt, Bracelet

Gothic Punk Black Choker with Chains SKU: AD00079

Gothic Punk Red Leather Bracelet/Necklace SKU: AD00081
Pink&black Pearls Necklace with Ribbon SKU: AD00076

Gothic Lolita Crown Waist belt*2colors
SKU: AD00113

Gutie Lolita Heart Shape Real Pocket Watch Necklace SKU: AD00073

Lolita Pearls Goldern Cross Crown Bracelet SKU: AD00082

Purple Hearts Crown Key Necklace*Silver/Golden
SKU: AD00123

Cute Fresh Strawberry Goldern Necklace SKU: AD00106

[UPDATED] New Arrival Accessaries--Mirror, Scarf, Earrings,Hair Band

Elegant Lolita Handle Rose Mirror*2colors SKU: AD00128

Gothic Punk Double Check Scarf*Black&White SKU: AD00084
Red Strawberry Candy Elastic Headband SKU: AD00093

Fine Camellia Elastic Headband Hair Band*3 Colors SKU: AD00110

Rose Flower Hair Elastic Headband Hair Band*12 colors
SKU: AD00112

Cutie Fresh Strawberry Goldern Earrings SKU: AD00104

Black Crown Metal Earrings SKU: AD00105

Cutie Small Heart,Lock and Key Earrings SKU: AD00085

Cutie Small Bunny Earrings
SKU: AD00122