Friday, May 24, 2013

Commission Service

Thank you for your interest on our Commission service! You may email us your requirement with reference photo linkages, at We would reply you if the commission is doable : D
For our limit capability of new design making, we cannot replied all commission request, we can only reply part of the commission request.
Commission of new designs: If you have own idea, and want us to realize it, please just send us your requirement and reference picture linkages ( of photos, drawings, or Anime pictures ), for:
1. Apparel daily wearing tailored with personal requirement;
2. Special occasion dressing (EX: Wedding, Cosplay );
3. Uniform with custom need (in group or personal);
4. Performing costume project (Dance, Movie, etc).
Just before send your inquiry email, please read awhile the notification below:
When we accept commission according to client’s description, requirement, personal measurement and reference pictures, we would make all we can to effect client’s requirement as accurately as possible, and would clarify all we can to clients before ordering/making. But it’s impossible that the finished work is exactly same as the reference pictures we received, the possible reason are as following: difference on fabrics, lace and material, color difference, client’s status, and especially for cosplay commission, the actual clothes pattern cannot achieve some requirement of Drawing Effects (such as a float shape hoop skirt without any inside prop, or all black threads in the costumes--that is because the edge of the original pictures was drawn in black--if you have this special requirement you need to inform us firstly before making, some of them is beyond our ability, some could be arranged. ).
Please note: commission orders are NO return or exchange.

We do not accept FREE sample commission request. A new clothes, especial decent quality with accurate details cosplay costume need hard work on pattern making, fabrics/accessories making/stock, redesign, sample making, adjustment and final confirmation. And many commission pattern only used once because they are very special.

All new clothes making would be start after received final order information and payment.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

[Newly Updated May Part 2] Cosplay items

Project Diva Extend Cosplay Haku Yowane Costume Dress SKU: C00446

Punk Lolita, Cafe Maid Uniform Set SKU: C00448

Marie Antoinette (Movie) Cosplay Outfit/Victoria Historic Costume Set SKU: CT00201

Disney Sleeping Beauty Cosplay Princess Aurora Costume Outfit*3 Versions SKU: C00429

Persona 2 Cosplay, Maya Amano Costume Outfit SKU: C00451

Pokemon Black/White Cosplay, Elesa Costume One-Piece SKU: C00450

Gosick Cosplay, Victorique De Blois Costume Dress Set SKU: C00449

Trinity Blood Cosplay, Ion Fortuna Costume Outfit SKU: C00447

Fairy Tail Cosplay Gray Fullbuster Costume Outfit SKU: C00453

Dollfie Dream Sister Cosplay MOMO Costume Uniform SKU: C00452

[Newly Updated May Part 1] Cosplay items

Phoenix Wright\Ace Attorney Cosplay, Iris Costume Outfit SKU: C00437

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 Cosplay, Shirogane Naoto Costume Outfit SKU: C00438

Nurarihyon no Mago Cosplay, Tsurara Oikawa (Yuki Onna) Costume Kimono Set SKU: C00439

Axis Powers Hetalia Cosplay, Ivan Braginski(Russia) Costume Outfit SKU: C00440

Lupin the 3rd/Rupan Sansei Cosplay, Mine Fujiko Costume Jacket SKU: C00441

Harry Potter Movie Cosplay, Sirius Black Costume Outfit SKU: C00442

Star Wars Movie Cosplay Luke Skywalker Costume Set SKU: C00443

Baccano Cosplay Miria Costume Dress Set SKU: C00444

Baccano Cosplay Isaac Costume Outfit SKU: C00445