Thursday, August 28, 2008

[Updated] Neckties

Casual Punk Brown Leopard Extra Narrow Slim Neck Tie
SKU: P00143

Casual Punk White Tiger Extra Narrow Slim Neck Tie
SKU: P00139

Casual Lolita Pink Large Plaid Extra Narrow Slim Neck Tie

SKU: P00140

Prince Lolita Blue Large Plaid Extra Narrow Slim Neck Tie

SKU: P00141

Casual Punk White&Black Bias Stripe Extra Narrow Slim Neck Tie

SKU: P00135

Casual Punk Green&Black Stripe Bias Extra Narrow Slim Neck Tie

SKU: P00138

Casual Punk Orange&Black Bias Stripe Extra Narrow Slim Neck Tie

SKU: P00134

Casual Punk Hot Pink&Black Bias Stripe Extra Narrow Slim Neck Tie

SKU: P00137

Casual Punk Blue&Black Bias Stripe Extra Narrow Slim Neck Tie

SKU: P00136

[Updated] Instant Shipping Outfit, Blouse, Dress and Jacket
Gothic Black and White Lolita 5pcs Full Set Outfit*Instant Shipping
SKU: CT00059
Gothic Lolita Shirring Sleeping Top*2colors Instant Shipping
SKU: TP00070

Gothic Punk Long Sleeves Long Tuxedo Jacket*2colors Instant Shipping

SKU: TP00067

Country Lolita Flower Straps Dress*Instant Shipping

SKU: 1DR00002N

Gothic Elegant Unisex Frill&Lace Front Stand Collar Blouse*3colors Instant Shipping

SKU: TP00071

Thursday, August 21, 2008

[UPDATED] Instant shipping items: Jacket, Trousers, Skirt, Bloomers, Wig

Elegant Gothic Unisex Vest Draped Bottom Lacing Up Back Jacket *Instant Shipping
SKU: CT00063

Gothic Punk Plaid Double Waists&Suspender Trousers*2colors Instant Shipping SKU: K00033N
Gothic Lolita Long Pleated Cuffs Bloomers*2 Colors Instant Shipping
SKU: UN00011
Princess Lolita/Kodona Dandy Ouji Cosplay:Short Straight Wig*Blond

Gothic Sweet Lolita Tiered Frill Trimmings Sides Skirt*2colors Instant Shipping SKU: SP00064
Elegant Gothic Vintage Victorian Mermaid 2PCs Long Skirts*2 Colors*Instant Shipping
[UPDATED] New Colors Updated

Man Casual Gothic Punk Tuxedo Buckle Vest*New Color
SKU: TP00036

Elegant Gothic Chiffon Pleated Lace Shirt&Cravat(Black/White/Blue)*Instant Shipping
SKU: TP00044

Classical Gothic Lolita: Frill Back Short Jacket

SKU: V00008

Elegant Gothic Lolita Long Tiered Voile Skirt*New Color

SKU: CT00040S

Fairy Sweet Lolita Shirring Jumper Skirt,Frilly Back*New Color
SKU: DR00014N

Elegant Gothic Aristocrat Man's Under Bust Metal Chain Corset

SKU: Y00010

Elegant Gothic Satin&Metal Bondage Punk Goth Coat*New Color

SKU: 1CT00011

Hurt Lolita Blood Suture Cotton Chiffon Outfit*3pcs*New Color

SKU: 1CT00008

Dolly Gothic Lolita: Double Lacing Up Waist Jumper Skirt/Dress*New Color
SKU: DR00001B

Classical Gothic Sweet Lolita Detachable Sleeves Dress*New Color

SKU: 1DR00013

Gothic Lolita Bias Trimmings Pearls Dress& Silk Skirt 2pcs Set*2 Colors

SKU: DR00062

[UPDATED] Stockings, Tote, Choker, Gloves and Other Accessories

Gothic Lolita Black High Stockings
SKU: P00131

Gothic Lolita Navy Blue High Stockings
SKU: P00130

Gothic Lolita Pink High Stockings

SKU: P00129

Gothic Punk High Stockings*Black&White Straps

SKU: P00128

Gothic Punk Red Skulls High Stockings*Black
SKU: P00127

Gothic Lolita Black&Grey Straps High Stockings

SKU: P00132

Gothic Lolita Large Purse Tote

SKU: K00003

Lolita Hairdress,Double-Layer Big Bowknot
SKU: P00041

Gothic Lolita Choker&Rose Badge Pin*4colors
SKU: P00502 Elegant Gothic Lace Gauze No Finger Gloves*2 Colors
SKU: P00504

Gothic Lolita Stocking Lace Frill/Ruff Choker/Wristlet*2colors

SKU: P00503

Sunday, August 17, 2008

[UPDATED] Cosplay Costume
Chobits Cosplay, Dita Costume (C00199)
SKU: C00199
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Cosplay, Assistant Maya Fey Maid Outfit (C00197) SKU: C00197
Phoenix Wright Cosplay, Furio "The Tiger" Tigre Costume(C00200)
SKU: C00200

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Cosplay, Irina Spalko Army Uniform (C00203)

SKU: C00203

Avatar Cosplay, Zuko Costume I (C00201)

SKU: C00201

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Cosplay,Haruhi Suzumiya School Uniform Set*Short Sleeves Version(C00120S)
SKU: C00120S

Disney Beauty and the Beast Cosplay,Beast Costume(C00193)

SKU: C00193

Disney Beauty and the Beast Disney Cosplay,Belle 3pcs Outfit (C00192)

SKU: C00192

Avatar Cosplay, Sokka, Sword Master Costume(C00204)

SKU: C00204

Avatar Cosplay, Katara 4pcs Costume(C00202)
SKU: C00202

Avatar:The Last Airbender Cosplay, Princess Yue Costume(C00198)

SKU: C00198
Avatar Cosplay, Iroh Costume*3pcs set (C00206)

SKU: C00206

Avatar Cosplay, Zuko Costume II(C00207)

SKU: C00207