Friday, October 25, 2013

[Newly Updated Oct 2]Naruto, Sailor Moon, Blazblue, Magi, Star Trek, Disney Cosplay and more

Naruto Cosplay Sasuke Uchiha Costume Outfit Set
SKU: C00455

Naruto Cosplay Akatsuki Costume Hooded Cloak
SKU: C00468

Sailor Moon Cosplay King Endymion Costume Outfit
SKU: C00471

Sailor Moon Cosplay Helios Costume Outfit
SKU: C00472

Blazblue Cosplay Rachel Alucard Costume Set
SKU: C00473

League of Legends (Game) Cosplay Malzahar (Shadow Prince Skin) Costume Set
SKU: C00475

Disney The Little Mermaid Cosplay Princess Ariel Costume Outfit
SKU: C00477

Magi Cosplay Masrur Costume Set
SKU: C00474

Star Trek: Voyager Cosplay Captain Kathryn Janeway Costume Uniform
SKU: C00479

Revolutionary Girl Utena cosplay Rose Bride Anthy Himemiya Costume Dress Set
SKU: C00454

Homestuck Inspired Cosplay The Disciple Costume Outfit
SKU: C00478

[Newly Updated Oct. 1] Princess Tiana, Captain Hook, Jack Sparrow, Amaimon and more

Disney The Princess and the Frog Cosplay Tiana Costume Dress Set
SKU: C00464

Pirates of the Caribbean (Movie) Cosplay Captain Jack Sparrow Costume Outfit
SKU: C00466

Touhou (Eastern and Little Nature Deity/Touhou Sangetsusei) Cosplay Star Sapphire Costume Outfit
SKU: C00456

BioShock Infinite Cosplay Elizabeth Costume Outfit
SKU: C00469

Disney Mulan Cosplay Mulan Chinese Costume Outfit
SKU: C00465

Once Upon a Time (TV series) Cosplay Captain Hook Costume Outfit
SKU: C00476

Umineko No Naku Koro Ni Cosplay Beatrice Costume Outfit
SKU: C00458

Umineko no Naku Koro ni (Ougon Musou Kyoku CROSS) Cosplay Black Battler Costume Outfit
SKU: C00460

Homestuck Inspired Cosplay Terezi Costume Outfit
SKU: C00457

Final Fantasy XIV Cosplay White Mage Costume Outfit
SKU: C00470

Fire Emblem:Awakening Cosplay Lissa Costume Outfit
SKU: C00461

Ao no Exorcist Cosplay Amaimon Costume Outfit
SKU: C00463

Thursday, October 17, 2013

[Updated Sept. 2] Necklaces and Rings

Elegant Pearl Decoration Lace Choker*White

SKU: AD00572

Elegant Gothic Vampire Lace Choker*Black

SKU: AD00573

Gothic Rose Decoration Lace Choker*Black

SKU: AD00574

Gothic Ruby Decoration Lace Choker*Black

SKU: AD00575

Gothic Elegant Black Jewel & Chain Pendants Lace Choker*Black

SKU: AD00576

Elegant Gothic Rose & Jewel Decoration Lace Choker*White  

SKU: AD00577

Punk Spade & Spider Pendants Lace Choker*Black

SKU: AD00578

Classic Lolita Ribbon Wristlet & Butterfly Ring Set

SKU: AD00571

Gothic Punk Antique Bronze Zipper Anklet

SKU: AD00570

Gothic Black Jewel Decorated Pendant Necklace

SKU: AD00567

Steampunk Fire Balloon Necklace

SKU: AD00568

Gothic Elegant White Crystal Necklace

SKU: AD00569

Cutie Crystal Bunny Ring, Free size

SKU: AD00560

Classic Elegant Jewel Inlay Oval Decoration Ring

SKU: AD00563

Gothic Angel Wings Ring*Antique Bronze Free size

SKU: AD00561

Gothic Tiger-Skin Print Jewel Ring

SKU: AD00564

Gothic Ruby Decorated Ring

SKU: AD00565

Gothic Elegant Pearl Decorated Ring

SKU: AD00566

[Latest update Sept.1] Scented Corsage and Castle Innocent set

[Latest update Sept.1] Scented Corsage and Castle Innocent set