Wednesday, March 11, 2009

[UPDATED] New Arrival Accessaries--Choker, Necklace, Belt, Bracelet

Gothic Punk Black Choker with Chains SKU: AD00079

Gothic Punk Red Leather Bracelet/Necklace SKU: AD00081
Pink&black Pearls Necklace with Ribbon SKU: AD00076

Gothic Lolita Crown Waist belt*2colors
SKU: AD00113

Gutie Lolita Heart Shape Real Pocket Watch Necklace SKU: AD00073

Lolita Pearls Goldern Cross Crown Bracelet SKU: AD00082

Purple Hearts Crown Key Necklace*Silver/Golden
SKU: AD00123

Cute Fresh Strawberry Goldern Necklace SKU: AD00106