Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Methods to get Fanplusfriend online shops VIP E-card (coupon)

WHERE would i find the discount coupons?
Method 1

Links to us. Send us your website page links to us ( or, we would issue you a VIP e-card. Button codes for linkage:

Method 2

Post and share in our Facebook page or BBS with your good photo wearing our products.
Facebook page!/pages/Fanplusfriend-Garden/166647320026141
After post, please email us your invoice NO. and the photo post url, we would pick up good photos and send back a VIP e-card coupon. 

Method 3
Take part in other random activities (notification of new activity would be posted on our website or Facebook page)

*Instruction of use a VIP E-card
A VIP E-card have a series of code, by type it during the online checkout process, the order would get a discounts of 12% off from normal price.(this code can be used once in both our Lolita and Cosplay site ,which totally can be used 2 times, valid period of 1 year. Or use twice in one of them).

The VIP discounts can work together with the retail FREE shipping offer.
The VIP discounts cover all items in Fanplusfriend online shops.

Please check the page below of how to use VIP card during checkout:
There are screenshots of how to use your VIP Card on EGA/EGL site ( ) *The method of use VIP card is same in Cosplay site (

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4 or 5 (4 and 5 are optional)

Step 6

For each VIP card, there is a usage limit (maximum use times), if you try to use the coupon to order before, then failed, The number you used the VIP code may still be accounted into your code usage time, so your code reach the limit and cannot work. In this case, please contact us to let us cancel your previous pending order and validae your card code again.