Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Can I request rush making (for make-to-order items)?

Need request rush making (for make-to-order items)?

Normal default making time of make-to-order items: within 3 weeks.

Rush making request: We provide rush making for make-to-order items, the details as following:
Rush making: US$15 per item, for rush making (1 week);

Rush making fee for
Extreme Rush making, US$30 per item, for extreme rush making time of 4 working days.

If you prefer us rush making your make-to-order item(s), you may add this fee with your order and complete the checkout. Or send this fee directly to our Paypal account: 

Extreme Rush making fee for
*The rush making time is accounted from the date we received your rush making fee.

(This fee is paid to workers in this way: Beside the normal making plan, we can arrange a little extra schedule for "rush making" service, this part of work can be arranged in the clearance of spared making plan or in the Saturday in busy days, and arrange compensated leave in easy days.
Our sewer is high experience worker, which is in the top 30% of social high wage group, has 200-400% higher wage than the social average level. The hand made clothes they made is tailored and sewn one by one, not made in an industry waterline. The skill is totally different and higher than the modern industry waterline manufacture mode. An old and traditional craftiness is needed, fewer than fewer person has such skill in modern society of China.
The rush making service is an assistant service, please notice, our making ability each month has a limit, it's possible that we cannot fulfill all of the rush making request. If we cannot fulfill, we would let you know and refund the fee).