Tuesday, January 06, 2015

[Newly Release] Instant shipping blouse, jackets and skirt

Victorian Rococo Lolita Jacket available for instant shipping now.
This jacket has different looks with buttoned up or smooth down both sides of the skirt part:

Capped Pawn Jacket ready for instant shipping NOW!
Special in bat wings shape bottom and coattails, decorated with chains in left lapel, cuffs and back waist.

All the items in this series are Instant Shipping, check the others here:

Night Glory Blouse now available for instant shipping:

The other items (skirt, dress and corset) in this series will be ready for instant shipping soon: 

Instant Shipping skirt just released!
Both black and burgundy color are available for instant shipping.
4way Changable for different looks with tied up by ribbon or smooth down:
The match blouse is: http://www.fanplusfriend.com/scented-corsage-classic-lolita-lacing-up-back-long-sleeves-blouse-8colors/