Tuesday, February 10, 2009

[UPDATED 2] New arrivals---Necklace, Earrings, Bags, Brooch, Bracelet

Gothic Vintage Copper Butterfly&Mirror Necklace SKU: AD00127

Heart and Fur Ball Earrings SKU: AD00048
Orange Rose&White Water Drop Golden Necklace SKU: AD00124

Purple Hearts Crown Key Necklace*Silver/Golden SKU: AD00123

Cystal Crown Key&Cross Necklace*Golden/Silver SKU: AD00125

Double Black Pearls Butterfly Necklace SKU: AD00114

Pink&Silver Heart Shape Lock&Key Earrings SKU: AD00118

Elastic Candy Bracelet
SKU: AD00046

Pink and Black Heart Elastic Bracelet SKU: AD00051

Cutie Lolita:Silver Crown&Pink Heart Earrings SKU: AD00121

Red Ice Cream Pendant White Pearls Necklace SKU: AD00115

Cute Lolita Bunny Backpack/Hand Bag*Pink
SKU: P00177

Cute Lolita Bear Backpack/Hand Bag*Light Brown
SKU: P00173

Strawberry&Red Plaid Bow Necklace SKU: AD00044

Solid Pink Crystal Key Pendant SKU: AD00066

Cutie Heart Shape Bracelet SKU: AD00043

Wa Lolita Lace Sakura Earrings
SKU: AD00053

Crystal Cufflinks/Brooch*Pink
SKU: AD00063