Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fanplusfriend Garden EGL/EGA Outfit Design Contest III

As you may remember, we hold the first 2 contests long times ago [details here]; it’s obvious that they were rough and not very strict in many places since we were newbie here too, lacked experiences to hold a contests interestingly also precisely in each steps. But our friendly and lovely Lolis worldwide did NOT reluctant their help and favor, enquiry email and message didn’t stopped in last 2 years. These Emails and messages, each of them, give us one more reason to keep this design contest. So after a long preparation, on the experience of the last contest, we re-open this design contest, please give us your suggestion and criticism. Thank you all!

The motif of following first roll of contests.

*August~September [Design Collecting Period Aug 1-30, Polling period Sep 10-20 ]

Wa/Qi Lolita Look

Casual Lolita Look

*October~November [Design Collecting Period: pending, Polling period: pending ]

Elegant Aristocrat Look

Sweet Lolita/Hurt Lolita/Punk Lolita look

*December~January [Design Collecting Period: pending, Polling period: pending ]

Classical/Victorian/Country Lolita Look

Gothic Ouji/Kodona/Dandy Prince Look

Winner’s prize:

A. Winner would receive the actual product of her/his design; or

B. Winner would get Fanplusfriend online shop credit of US$150.

*A. and B. is alternative, the winner can choose one of them freely. Fanplusfriend have a right to issue credit (Prize choice B) to winner, if the winning design is unrealistic and hard to turn into actual product.

All competitor benefit:

A. All competitors would receive a Fanplusfriend VIP E-card (coupon in our online shops).

B. If competitor’s design is turn into production, his/her name would be put on this product page and photo;

C. If competitor’s design turn into production and the design have not won the prize, he/she would still receive the actual product of her/his design.

Competitor’s obligation:

The competitor needs to ensure he/she is the original author of the design submitted into contest. By submitting the design, the competitor agrees to authorize Fanplusfriend make and sell product based on his/her design.

During each contest, one person can only submit 1 design into each motif (so in each contest, a person can submit 2 designs at most).

Who and how decide the winner?

All visitors on our forum can be the decision-maker, the highest polling ticket design owner is the final Winner.

Quantity limit of competition: 70.

If the submitted designs meet this quantity before the collection period deadline, the submission would be ended in advance.

Quantity of winner: 2. Under each motif, there is 1 winner, total winner quantity of each contest is 2.

Submission format:

Each qualified competitive design consists:

a. Competitor’s name:

b. Email:

c. Actual shipping address and contact telephone number:

d. The client log in name on shop or Paypal account email to receive possible shopping credit:

e. the motif you are entering :

[This contest motif is 2: Wa/Qi Lolita Look, and Casual Lolita Look]

Submit method: email to

For any uncertain places on the rules here, further explanation can be added by Fanplusfriend.