Sunday, April 02, 2006

---EGA wizard coat photoshoot---

It's a accomplished look, like them in whole, and the background. ^_^
---KOF, K's set, France boy in Tokyo---

Looking at the left one set!

That's cool!

Very suitable!
---Sweet Loli in Germany!---

Thank you!
---Panda's Eternal Arcadia cosplay!---

It's best set! we both love this look!
---Devil May Cry Dante Costume---

That's our client Dante just trying the costume on. looking forward to his more pictures with the sword and wig on. ^_^
---Itachi's set! Frequent client!---

Thank you!
---Spain goth loli party! Friend VIP client!---

Thank you!
---KOF, Kyo' set, France boy in Tokyo!---

Once more look!
---Uniforms form Full Metal Alchemist ---

forwarded from

forwarded from

forwarded from
Sorry, the hat is a little big!~
---Kakashi cosplay---

We just provided the vest of the front boy! ~
---X's Hellsing cosplay: Alucard's Set---

forwarded from

Since the custom color request, let X wait long!

---John's Rurouni Kenshin Cosplay---

Decoration satin lines on collar should be made in very thin lines, not ribbons, finally send 2 kinds of the top, one is decorated with lines, one is decorated with ribbons. the pants is not traditional hakama. Since most clients felt hakama is complex to wear, we modify it to easy wearing *skirt pants. (not sure it should be called pant skirt or skirt pant?)

---Yakushi Kabuto and Black Kakashi---

The commission was a little urgent, forgot the 2 pouches in the first package, then send them in the second.